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      Construction Technology
        Chinese Construction Technology introduction Content
      Journal of Construction Technology
      President & Editor-in-Chief:
      Zhang Kewen
      Director of Editorial Department:
      Yan Jihong
      Director of Management Department:
      Mei Yang
      Editorial Committee of Chinese Journal of Construction Technology
      Honorary Chairman: Xu Ronglie Advisers: Wang Mengshu(Academician)
      Ye Keming(Academician)
      Wu Zhinai       Zhang Lufeng
      Yang Sixin
      Shen Shizhao(Academician)
      Chen Zhaoyuan(Academician)
      Guo Aihua
      Honorary Members:
      Liu Guoqi Sun Zhensheng
       Zhang Xiqian   Fan Qingguo
      Zheng Nianzhong Tang Meishu
      Foreign Members of Editorial Committee:
      Tobia Zordan (Italy)
      Chairman: Wang Youwei
      Vice- Chairmen: Mao Zhibing
      Zhang Yan Zhang Kewen
      Zheng Yong  
      Members: Wang Wuqin
      Deng Mingsheng Feng Dabin
      Ye Yangsheng Ye Linbiao
      Liu Hongliang  Qu Hui
      Zhang Kun Zhang Jing
      Zhang Tongbo Zhang Qilin
      Zhang Jinxun Li Jingfang
      Yang Cuncheng  Yang Yu
      Wang Daojin Xiao Xing
      Xiao Xuwen Zou Chaoying
      Chen Tianmin  Chen Huoyan
      Chen Guodong Chen Mingzhong
      Pang Baogen Jin Weiliang
      Hou Zhaoxin Hu Dejun
      Hao Yuzhu Guo Zhengxing
      Guo Yanlin Gong Jian
      Jiao Anliang Jiang Jinsheng
      Guo Mingyue Mi Jiaping

      Construction Technology

      The English name of our journal is Construction Technology, and it is Shigongjishu in Chinese. The ISSN number is 1002-8498, and CODEN is CN11-2831/TU. The journal of Construction Technology is directed by Ministry of Housing Urban-Rural Development of the People’ s Republic of China, sponsored by Asia-Pacific Institute of Construction Science Information , China Architecture Design & Research Group ,China State Construction Engineering Corporation , and China Civil Engineering Society. The publication is start in 1971 with monthly issue in Chinese.

      The director and chief editor is Zhang Ke-wen. The editorial board is composed of fifty-five professors coming from all over China, especially including Academician Ye Ke-ming, Academician Wang Meng-shu, Academician Shen Shi-zhao, Academician Chen Zhao-yuan. Over 3,000 papers percent year are contributed to the journal of Construction Technology, over 300 papers with good quality may be published.

      Journal of Construction Technology is the only special sci-tech periodical of national level subjected to deep favors of engineers and technicians for many years. Besides, its circulation is greatly leading in domestic building industry. As a national journal, it aims to the policy including the main of utility and novelty, the importance of guidance and communication, the combination of popularization and improvement. Besides, it focuses on instructiveness, authority, profession, betimes and practicality. The reporting contents involved every aspect of civil engineering including construction, design, analysis, material, management and so on.

      Before publication, every paper is reviewed by engineering experts. Besides, typesetting and editing are done according to international standard. Except for Chinese contents, English directory, English article title, English abstract, English keywords, English figure and table are also involved in the journal.

      Construction Technology with Chinese core journal has successfully been embodied in many databases including ICONDA in German, Cambridge Scientific Abstracts, Index of Copurnicus, Ulrich's Periodicals Directory, Guide to the Core Journal of China, CSSCI in China, and so on. Its impact factor is 0.392, cited frequency is 820, and ratio of fund-aided papers is 0.10.

      Besides, the journal of Construction Technology has been awarded for many times such as Nomination Award of National Journal Award, Two Hundred Journal of Chinese Journal Phalanx, excellent technology journal of Ministry of Construction and so on.

      It is free to provide terminal journal. Welcome to visit website http://www.qbai.tw to know more information.

      Construction Technology Block A No.36 Deshengmen Wai Street, Beijing 100120,
      China Tel: 86-10- 57368789, 57368790, 86-10-68300059
      Fax: 86-10-68300061

      E-mail: [email protected]

        主辦單位:亞太建設科技信息研究院   中文域名:http://施工技術.cn
        承辦單位:《施工技術》雜志社   主編:張可文 電話:010-68302888  
        編輯部電話:010-68302889 88327120   經營部電話:010-68300059 68330203 京ICP證050763號
      京公網安備 110102000406-6
        傳真:010-68300061   Email:[email protected]  
        地址:北京市西城區車公莊大街19號     郵編:100044  
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